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Bianca joined the team after finishing her practicum for dental reception in June 2019. One thing she loves about dentistry was being able to help people. She went back to school and realized she wanted to choose dentistry as her career path because it involved being in the medical field. She loves working for Dr. Popat and Dr. Anik because they push her to learn and strive in her role, they are really caring and compassionate dentists towards all of their patients. In my spare time Bianca is a pretty simple person, she likes spending time with her mom, sisters or close friends doing either something laid back or going out to have fun.

Certified Dental Assistant

Karen joined Burnaby Dental Centre after graduating from the Certified Dental Assisting (CDA) program from VCC. Karen also continued her dental education in an orthodontics assisting course from UBC. As a CDA, she enjoys new challenges and strives to become a better assistant and team member. I love working with Dr. Popat and Dr. Anik because they personally love getting to know their patients and they educate their patients before they agree upon any treatment plans. They are truly great teachers and mentors.

“You will never always be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined”

Suman joined Burnaby Dental Centre in 2006. She brings a wealth of experience as a dental office manager and has been an invaluable member to the team. She is the first person to welcome our patients when they walk in and is the last to say bye to them when they leave.

“I enjoy working with Dr. Popat and Dr. Anik as they both truly enjoy their work and care 110% for their patients.”

She loves to spend her spare time with her three kids and husband, camping and exploring BC.

Dental Hygienist

Jessica brings her passion and warm energy to every dental hygiene appointment at Burnaby Dental Centre. As a Dental Hygienist and a Medical Radiation Technologist she has a broad range of knowledge and experience. Jessica is passionate about educating clients on their oral health and how it contributes to their overall health. She prides herself on providing personalized, gentle, and thorough care to each patient. 'My goal is always to educate and empower clients, so that they feel motivated to practice great self care and have great oral and overall health. I love being part of this team because they are well known in the community for their excellence in caring for their patients’ dental needs but also caring on a personal level.'


Dr. Neeta Popat started her career in dentistry in the United Kingdom, and loves the dental profession. She graduated with awards for her outstanding work in Pediatric Dentistry from the American Society of Dentistry. Dr. Popat’s journey started in distinguished grammar school in Chelmsford, England. She graduated with distinction in the Dental Auxiliary field at an institute in London, UK.

She then moved to Canada where she attended Saint Mary’s University, Halifax completing a double major and graduating with honors (Cum Laude). She returned back to her beloved field of Dentistry at Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S. and obtain a Doctorate in Dentistry, again being awarded distinctions in pediatric dentistry. Dr. Popat has since been involved in various dental study clubs and has taught at the University of British Columbia as a part time faculty for several years. She has also continued her education through courses that include prosthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry, implantology and oral surgery.

Dr. Popat is also heavily committed to giving back and has volunteered abroad doing dental missions and helping at Orphanages and Mother Teresa’s Institutions. She has proudly served her local community in North Burnaby starting with Gilmore School reading with the children who needed extra help or students that excelled, being on the Executive with the Heights Merchants Association in her early years, Beautification and Gateway Committee, Community Policing, and with the high school student career program and exit interviews at North Burnaby High School. Additionally, she strongly canvases on behalf of BC Dental Association - meeting with her Local Burnaby MLAs and Hon. Mrs. Katrina Chen of Lougheed area, canvasing for support on various public issues that benefit the working poor, cleft palate children, funding for oral surgery cases and various other issues that benefit the public at large.

Dr. Popat and her fabulous team of dental professionals are guided by Burnaby Dental Centre’s core values and principles -- to Care, Educate and Serve our Community as our own, and to follow the Gandhian principle: "Relationships are based on four principles: Respect, Understanding, Acceptance and Appreciation".

"I always work with efficacy and love, execute what you undertake with honour."

When not at work, Dr. Popat loves her time aqua-sizing, going to the gym (ahem, only cause she is a foody), following politics and history, reading and traveling!

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