Dental Fillings in Burnaby, BC

Stop tooth decay and keep your smile shining bright

Cavities are a common dental problem among children and adults. However, if left untreated, cavities can become larger and lead to more serious dental issues, such as tooth loss or an infection in the tooth's pulp. Fortunately, an easy solution for recovering your oral health is dental fillings.

Dental fillings are a common and effective treatment for repairing teeth damaged by decay. They’re used to fill in the cavity created by the decay and restore the tooth to its normal function and shape. Dental fillings are a quick and easy procedure that can help to prevent further tooth decay and restore the health of your smile.

Getting a dental filling with us

Every appointment at Burnaby Dental Centre begins with discussing your specific oral health and smile goals. We want to understand what you want to achieve and any oral health concerns or problems you’re dealing with.

Your dentist will perform a complete oral exam, which may include x-rays, and discuss whether dental fillings are a good option for you. We’ll discuss the fillings treatment plan and how it will work with your budget and schedule.

In a dental filling appointment, we will:

  • Numb the area to make you more at ease
  • Carefully remove decayed areas of the tooth
  • Place a composite filling into the affected area
  • Polish the surface of your filling for a flawless finish!

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Our gentle, patient-centered approach to restorative dental care

At Burnaby Dental Centre, we believe everyone deserves a healthy and beautiful smile. We also believe achieving great results should be convenient and comfortable. We’ve designed our restorative dental treatment experience to be as gentle, warm, and supportive as possible. Every member of our friendly, compassionate team is here to answer your questions and make sure you’re comfortable every step of the way.

Dental Fillings FAQ

When should I get a dental filling?

For minor cavities, we might just advise waiting it out and seeing how things progress. Our dentists will often advise a filling if the cavity is large, painful, or situated in a difficult-to-reach region.

How long do fillings in teeth last?

Our composite fillings can last anywhere from three to ten years.

Are fillings in teeth painful?

Our team will ensure you are comfortable during the entire procedure. We'll administer numbing medication to ensure your comfort.

Financial Information

Burnaby Dental Centre proudly accepts all major credit cards and debit cards, as well as cash payments. Our helpful customer service team will be happy to facilitate and submit any insurance benefit claims on your behalf.

Knowledgeable, Caring Dentists You Can Rely On

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At Burnaby Dental Centre, we go above and beyond to provide expert dental care while cultivating a compassionate, friendly environment that prioritizes your comfort.

Our team of dentists and hygienists have extensive experience and expertise in restorative dental care. We utilize high-tech treatments to provide you with a comfortable experience and incredible results. We look forward to helping you restore the health and appearance of your smile!