Burnaby Preventive Dental Care


Oral Health for Overall Health

Preventative dentistry is the key to a long life of a happy and healthy mouth. More specifically, it is the practice of caring for your teeth and gums to keep them healthy. Preventive dental services include routine hygiene appointments involving:

  • Head, neck and oral exams to identify early concerns and questions that you may have
  • Digital x-rays to diagnose dental and oral concerns that only x-rays can show
  • Regular professional cleanings to reduce bacteria and inflammation
  • Examining your gum and bone level to identify problems early on
  • Fluoride treatments to help build strong teeth and to prevent cavities

With our philosophy of providing quality, safe preventive dental care in Burnaby, we only use digital x-rays at our office. We also aim to use the minimal number of x-ray imaging to diagnose, which means a minimal amount of radiation exposure.

Other preventative services include:

  • Dental sealants, which are a protective coating we place on your child’s molars to help prevent cavities
  • Night guards, protective guards worn to help protect your teeth, jaw and muscles from the effects of grinding and clenching. Clenching and grinding left unchecked can cause tension headaches, jaw pain, and extensive damage to your teeth.

Our Burnaby Dental Centre dentists and dental hygienists aim to provide proper knowledgeable advice and educational instructions on how to prevent tooth decay such as proper brushing and flossing techniques.

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