Wisdom Teeth Removal in Burnaby, BC

Comfortable wisdom tooth extractions

Wisdom teeth are the molars in the back of your mouth. While many people have wisdom teeth, not everyone needs them. This can cause issues with your bite, pain in your mouth, or make it difficult to adequately brush and floss your wisdom teeth. When this happens, it is a good idea to remove your wisdom teeth to help your other teeth develop and reduce the risk of future problems and pain.

At Burnaby Dental Centre, we’ll work with you to determine if wisdom teeth removal is necessary and if so, remove your, or your child’s, wisdom teeth as comfortably as possible.

When is wisdom teeth removal necessary?

  • The back of your mouth (where your wisdom teeth are located) is causing you pain or discomfort
  • Your wisdom teeth are causing overcrowding in your mouth, resulting in a misaligned bite
  • If you’re not able to effectively brush or floss your wisdom teeth, leading to an increased risk of tooth decay
  • You’re experiencing ear pain, headaches, or limited jaw movement due to your wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth extraction process at Burnaby Dental Centre

At Burnaby Dental Centre, we’ll do all we can to make sure you’re having a positive experience. We’ll start your wisdom teeth removal consultation with a discussion about what you’re experiencing. We'll answer any of your questions and perform a comprehensive exam, taking any needed x-rays to get a complete understanding of your oral health.

We’ll then discuss treatment options and lay out what you can expect throughout treatment. Once we decide to move forward, here is what you can expect throughout the process:

  1. We’ll always make sure that wisdom tooth extraction is the best option for you or your child, to ensure proper jaw and tooth development.
  2. We’ll make sure your mouth is completely numb prior to removing your wisdom teeth to ensure you feel comfortable. We provide TV and movies on monitors to help you feel as comfortable as possible.
  3. Once the wisdom teeth are removed, we’ll provide aftercare instructions to ensure your comfort and follow up with you to ensure that your post-op healing is going well.

Dental Implants FAQ

Do all teens need their wisdom teeth removed?

Not all teens need their wisdom teeth extracted, but most will at some point in their life. If they are experiencing pain or we think that they will eventually need wisdom teeth removal, we might recommend treatment. While wisdom teeth can be extracted at any point in life, it is easiest to remove them as a teen or young adult.

Is wisdom extraction painful?

We always do all we can to ensure your comfort during treatment and will make sure you are numb prior to treatment. Once treatment is complete, usually you will experience some level of discomfort for 2-3 days prior to those levels decreasing.

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