Financial Information

We help you afford the care you need!

Confused about how to best pay for treatment? We are here to help!

No matter your financial situation, you deserve a smile you can be proud of. To help you achieve it, we offer patients multiple easy payment options. This includes major credit and debit cards, as well as cash payments.

We’ll work with you to afford the care you need!

We accept insurance plans

At Burnaby Dental Centre you pay upfront for services provided, and our helpful customer service team submits any insurance benefit claims on your behalf.

Benefits of working with our customer service team:

  • Don’t have to deal with insurance!
  • Get “free” points on your preferred CC
  • Have your money reimbursed within 24-48 hours

Financing FAQs

How much of my treatment will insurance cover?

Dental insurance seldom, if ever, pays the full cost of any procedure that goes beyond preventative care. While some policies cover a large portion of the expenses, the specific benefits may vary depending on your plan. Contact us if you need more information about the specifics of your insurance policy. We will offer a free benefits check to see what will be covered.

Want to schedule an appointment or have questions about how to pay for your dental healthcare? We're here to reassure you and respond to any inquiries. Please call (778) 984-2171.

Dentists you can trust

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At Burnaby Dental Centre, we’re committed to ensuring a great experience for all of our patients. We prioritize crystal-clear communication and are here to support you along your oral health journey.

Our team of cosmetic dentists and hygienists is trained in all of the modern, high-tech treatments and techniques available. This provides not only a more comfortable experience but leads to the best results possible. Let’s start helping you feel confident and in control of your oral health!