Top 3 Back to School Dental Tips

Pediatric Dental

Did you know that dental problems are one of the top reasons why children miss school during the school year?  Help maintain your child’s oral health as well as their overall health with these dental tips for back to school.

1) Book Regular Dental Check-ups

It is recommended that your child visit the dentist every 6 months. Whether your child has had dental problems in the past or appears to be in good oral health, a trip to the dentist will take care of your child’s teeth and gums as well as screen for any cavities and treat or prevent dental problems.

At Burnaby Dental Centre, educating our patients and promoting good health through routine and preventive oral hygiene is the heart of our practice. We have invested in tools and technology to ensure our patients get the best treatment possible. The digital x-rays that we use during our diagnostic process protect our patients as they require approximately 70% less radiation than traditional film x-ray while also providing a clearer picture.

2) Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Everyone benefits from practicing good oral hygiene, so it is important to encourage children to brush their teeth twice a day and floss daily. The best way to prevent plaque from forming is to develop and follow good dental habits

During your child’s dental visit with us, we will teach your child the proper technique of how to brush as well as how to floss. It is important to floss daily as bacteria can accumulate in the spaces between the teeth which leads to tartar and plaque buildup. 

3) Healthy Eating 

A good diet can help your child build strong, healthy teeth, while poor eating habits put your child at higher risk of tooth decay

When it comes to dental health, a major culprit of cavities is sugar. When packing your child’s school lunch or snack, consider packing healthy food such as fruits, cheese sticks, and vegetables. Avoid soda pop, junk food, and anything that is quickly broken down into simple sugars. 

At our practice, we care about the health of your whole family. For more information about dental services for your children, please contact  Burnaby Dental Centre.